Otter Lake Camp Resort wants you to enjoy your stay with us. Many people have questions prior to their arrival, so we have compiled this list of our most frequently asked questions, providing you with the answers that will help you to prepare for your stay. Spend a moment going through this page, and you will be far less likely to forget anything behind or to suffer a misunderstanding upon arrival. We know that, when it comes to planning the perfect vacation, nobody likes surprises.

Q: What time can I check in?
A: Check-in time is 2:00 PM. In the summer you may not check in early. In the spring and fall, you may call the morning of your arrival to ask if your site was empty the night before. If it was, then you may check-in at 12:00 Noon. A $40.00 fee will be assessed if you arrive before the posted check-in times.
Q: What time do I have to leave?
A: 12:00 PM is check-out time. In the summer there are no late check outs. In the spring and fall you may ask at the office on the morning of your departure. If the site will be empty, you may stay until 3:00 PM.
Q: How long do I have to stay to make a reservation?
A: Memorial Day & Columbus Day Weekends: 3 nights. Any other spring or fall reservations: 2 nights. Summer (June 19th to September 2nd) Reservations: 5 nights. Lakefront summer reservations: 7 nights beginning on June 15th.
Q: What if I want to come but I can’t stay for 5 nights?
A: We will accept a reservation with a Sunday to Wednesday check-in, 2 weeks prior to the time you want to camp. We will not guarantee a specific campsite.
Q: When can I make a summer weekend reservation?
A: We will accept a weekend reservation on the Tuesday before the weekend you want to come. We will not guarantee a specific campsite.
Q: When can I reserve for next year?
A: Beginning on NOVEMBER 1st we will accept reservations online through our booking platform CampLife. Reservations by phone or mail will be taken beginning on November 15th.
Q: How many people are allowed on 1 campsite?
A: In fairness to all of our guests, there is a limit of 4 adults and 3 children on a campsite. This number includes your original party and any visitors.
Q: I am thinking of inviting friends. What should I tell them?
A: Please inform your guests that there is a daily visitor’s fee for both adults and children. Many visitors are not campers and do not anticipate this. This fee gives them full use of all of our facilities while they are here. Visitors are charged by the day, so overnight guests pay for 2 days. See the Rates & Reservations page for prices. Please inform your visitors that they cannot bring any pets.
Q: What is provided on a campsite?
A: Every campsite is equipped with a picnic table and fire ring. All campsites have sand and small round (pea) stone on them. Water, Electric (at a minimum 30 amp) and Cable TV hookups are also on every site. Depending on your campsite, a sewer hookup may also be included.
Q: How large is a campsite?
A: Our campground is in the woods, and every campsite (except for 3 sites) is wooded. Because of the trees, each site is unique and they are all different sizes. Our office staff will be able to provide information about campsite sizes when making a reservation. Keep in mind that you can see and hear your neighbor from every campsite.
Q: Do we have cabins?
A: Yes, we have four rental cabins. Two are in our T section, and two can be found on the LF sites. Please see our “Rates & Reservations” page for pricing and general information.
Q: What if I need to cancel my reservation?
A: We need 20 days notice to refund your deposit. There is a $20.00 cancellation fee. For longer reservations more notice may be required. The required notice is included in the confirmation.
Q: What if I want to change my reservation?
A: To change your dates or to shorten a reservation we need 20 days notice. For some longer reservations more notice is required. That information is included in the confirmation.
Q: Can I reserve a specific campsite?
A: Yes, you can request a specific campsite, and we will do our best to accommodate your request, but we do not guarantee specific campsites.
Q: Can I fish?
A: Yes, you can fish on our lake. Each year we purchase a permit for our private lake so that you do not need a fishing license to fish at Otter Lake. The lake is Catch and Release.
Q: What about boats?
A: We do not charge you to bring your own boat. We allow electric motors only. Pennsylvania state law requires that all boats with a motor be registered and that there is a lifejacket for each person in the boat and a noise maker. We rent Row Boats and Canoes by the hour, 4 hours, 8 hours or by the week. Paddle Boats and Kayaks are rented by the hour. You are responsible for following all Pennsylvania boating rules and regulations.
Q: Are pets allowed?
A: We allow quiet, non-aggressive pets. Good behavior is required. Dogs of any breed that are hostile or aggressive will be asked to leave the campground. All pets must be kept on a leash. Pets are not allowed to be tethered outside by themselves or left unattended at any time, including outside on your campsite. All pets must be cleaned up after and the waste disposed of properly. All pets must be up to date with vaccinations and proof must be provided upon request. In addition, cats must be spayed or neutered. Visitors cannot bring their pet!
Q: Can I bring my bike?
A: Bike riding is allowed during daylight hours.
Q: Are motorcycles, mopeds, ATVs permitted?
A: Any vehicles that has a motor must be registered, insured and driven by a licensed driver. Motorcycles may only be used when entering and leaving the campground. We do not allow ATVs.
Q: Are Golf Carts, or Motorized Scooters permitted?
A: Golf Carts and Motorized Scooters, like a jazzy, are only permitted to accommodate a person with a disability. We only permit their use if the disabled person has no other means of reasonable transportation. Any person operating a golf cart must hold a valid driver’s license. Only the disabled person, and if necessary a driver, are allowed to use the golf cart. The operation of the golf cart, or motorized scooter must be in accordance with all of the rules of the road, including the speed limit, and no drinking and driving. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the golf cart, or motorized scooter not being permitted to be used.