We are pleased that you are considering Otter Lake Camp Resort for your upcoming Pocono Mountains vacation! Make the most of your vacation dollars at Otter Lake, where you will enjoy resort-quality amenities at affordable camping rates. The Poconos are a world class vacation destination, with pristine landscapes and abundant wildlife. Otter Lake itself is located right in the midst of the Delaware State Forest, completely surrounded by beauty, and only a short distance from the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Join us this year for an outstanding Poconos vacation!

2017 Rate Schedule
Prime Season: May 25 - October 29

All campsite rates include 2 people and 2 cars.

Type of Site Daily Weekly 4 Weeks
Water, Electric, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $51.00 $318.00 $1,090.00
Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $56.00 $350.00 $1,285.00
Sites 1, 2 and C12 with Water, 50-amp Electric, Sewer, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $61.00 $385.00 $1,495.00
Lakefront Site #’s 2 to 15 with Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $71.00 $460.00 N/A
Lakefront Site #’s 18 and 24 to 29 with Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $77.00 $500.00 N/A
In Season early arrival (before 12:30) $30.00 per hour

2017 Rate Schedule
Off Season: January 1 - May 24 & October 30 - December 31

All campsite rates include 2 people and 2 cars.

Type of Site Daily Weekly 4 Weeks
Water, Electric, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $44.00 $240.00 N/A
Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $47.00 $255.00 N/A
Sites 1, 2 and C12 with Water, 50-amp Electric, Sewer, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $52.00 $280.00 N/A
Lakefront Site #’s 2 to 15 with Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $57.00 $315.00 N/A
Lakefront Site #’s 18 and 24 to 29 with Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable TV hookup & Wi-Fi $61.00 $355.00 N/A

Additional Charges / Visitor Fees

Additional Charges Daily Weekly 4 Weeks
Children Ages 3 to 17 & Senior Citizens $4.00 $24.00 $70.00
Adults $6.00 $36.00 $90.00
Third Car $10.00 $70.00 $280.00
Visitor Fees Daily Overnight
Adults $8.00 $16.00
Children Ages 2 to 16 $5.00 $10.00
Senior Citizens $5.00 $10.00

Visitor Policy: A visitor is a person that does not register for the entire length of stay. This includes your children and other family members, those who are dropping something or someone off, and also people who just want to drop in and say “Hi”. Visitors are charged by the day. Overnight visitors are charged for two days. All day visitors must be out by 10:00 PM. We have the right to limit the number of visitors. Visitors who are here less than an hour, then return their car pass will have their money refunded. All visitors must register and pay the fees before entering the campground.

Check-in time is 2:00PM / Check-out time is 12:00 Noon
No early check-ins or after 11:00PM.

Midweek Discounts: Sunday night thru Thursday night beginning May 30 and ending on June 28, deduct $5.00 per night. Sunday night thru Thursday night beginning September 8 (except Sunday night, October 8) and ending on November 1, deduct $4.00 per night.
Between November 1 and April 1, Sunday thru Thursday, check in after 4:00PM and check out before 9:00AM (1 night only) for only $20.00.

Spring and Fall Gas-Saver: The Gas Saver program is available from April 1 until June 18 and from September 8 to October 29. Camp two nights in a week and receive free on-site storage the other 5 nights that week. You may camp as many consecutive weekends as you want. Every 8th night of camping is free. Payment in full is due upon arrival.
Gas savers are rented on an as-available basis and should be reserved early. Back Lakefront campsites will not be rented as gas savers. The on-site storage does not include electric. If you want to leave your trailer plugged in, the charge is $1.50 per night.

Camping Clubs: Camping clubs are welcome from September thru May. Camping clubs will receive a 10% discount providing that they reserve 10 or more campsites and the wagon master collects. The pavilion and activity center are available at certain times for club activities. Please check when making your reservation. Discounts do not apply on Holiday weekends, including Halloween, or lakefront campsites. A $200.00 deposit is required.

Winter Camping and Year Round Camping
Winter Season: November 1 - April 1
Year Round Season: April 1 - March 31

The water is turned off to all sites from November to April 1. Hot and cold water is available at the bath houses. The bath house in the “H” section is closed in the winter. All rates are based on 2 people. All electric is metered and billed every 2 months. There are miles of snowmobile trails through the state forest for snowmobiling.

Type of Site Fee Additional Children Additional Adults
Winter Season Campsites (4 persons) $1,075.00 $40.00 $60.00
Year-Round Water, Cable, Sewer & Wi-Fi (2 persons) $4,730.00 $140.00 $160.00
Year-Round Water, Cable, Sewer & Wi-Fi - Lakefront (2 persons) $5,231.00 $140.00 $160.00

Otter Lake Camp Resort is pleased to offer you the opportunity to enter reservation requests online. Simply complete the form below. Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until it has been confirmed, and a reservation cannot be confirmed until your deposit has been processed and authorized. For your convenience, we accept Visa and MasterCard. We will contact you within 36 hours via either e-mail or telephone to confirm availability and to obtain a credit card number to secure your reservation. If you need to confirm your reservation immediately or would like to make a reservation for an arrival within less than 48 hours, please call us at (570) 223-0123 during normal business hours (9:00 AM - 8:00 PM, during our prime season). If space is not available, we will contact you via e-mail. If you prefer, you may print this page after completing the form. The completed form may then be faxed to us at (570) 223-0124 or mailed to us with your check for the required deposit, as outlined below.

Reservation Policies
Spring and Fall Reservations: Spring and Fall Reservations are accepted for 2 or more nights with a $70.00 deposit, except for Memorial Day and Columbus Day weekends, where they are reserved for 3 nights and require a $100.00 deposit.
Summer Reservations: All non-lakefront advance summer reservations (June 23 to September 5) are accepted for a minimum of 5 nights and require a $150.00 deposit. There is a 7 night minimum for all Lakefront campsites from June 23 to September 5, requiring a deposit of $150.00. An additional deposit may be required for longer reservations. If you want to stay for less than 5 nights, please call a few days prior to your planned arrival date. If we have an available campsite, we will reserve one for you.

Deposits may be paid using Visa or MasterCard, cash, or personal check, if there is sufficient time. The deposit will hold the campsite until 10:00 PM on your arrival date, unless the reservation is reconfirmed by phone. If we do not have the deposit within 10 days of the date the reservation was made, the reservation will be cancelled. Written confirmation is sent when there is sufficient time. Your deposit is your promise that you will be here on the date you specify for the length of time that you specify. It is also our promise to save a campsite for the dates you specify. Specific campsites may be requested, and we will try our best to accommodate your request; however, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we cannot positively guarantee specific campsites. All campsite balances are due upon arrival and can be paid using cash, a debit card, Visa or MasterCard only. (Checks are not accepted at the time of check-in.) The maximum number of people on one campsite is 7, and only 4 of these 7 people allowed may be adults. There is also a limit of 2 cars per site.

Cancellations and Date Changes
For a refund of your deposit, to transfer the deposit to another date, or to change the arrival or departure date, we require 20 days notice. Before any money is refunded, you must either send in the mail, e-mail or fax us at (570) 223-0124 a note saying that you have cancelled. There is a $6.00 fee. If the reservation dates are changed and we are able to re-rent the site for the original length of stay, we will move you to another site. We do understand that sometimes a reservation must be cancelled because of a circumstance that is beyond your control. Unfortunately the campsite was held, and therefore no exceptions will be made.

Reservation Request Form

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Please carefully read over all policies listed above, as well as our rules, before submitting your reservation request.
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